Considered to be Germany's oldest city, Cologne (Koln) was founded by the Romans in AD 48, and remained an important trading post for millennia after. Literally steeped in history, it houses its historical treasures in world famous museums. The city's most identifiable landmark, the Cologne Cathedral, is enormous and intricate, and took nearly 650 years to complete. Other examples of historic architecture are the Roman Dionysus mosaic, and the medieval Overstolzenhaus and the Gurzenich hall. Mixed here and there with modern structures, Cologne also offers its visitors world class museums, excellent dance clubs, and superb theatre and concerts. It also has some great food and beer, making it one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. To top all this off, the city is set amidst a beautiful landscape of hilltop castles, steeply wooded hills, and verdant vineyards.

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